Barrage Media spreads your message and informs your audience. Barrage Media’s films have been used in education for young people, presentations, training and staff development. These films provoke an informed discussion and get to the heart of the message you want to convey.



Client testimonials:

Our brief was to create vox pops of company values and Barrage Media helped us to interpret this into meaningful video interviews, handled with confidence and professionalism. They edited in super quick time to fit our tight timescale and delivered a project that we were happy to present to the Board. Barrage Media were easy to work with and have an enthusiastic approach.
Laura Hare, HR, John Laing


Your film for our forensic science educational session proved a great hit with the pupils attending the session, and with those of us delivering it. I think the novelty of doing something so different on a historic site is very appealing – and the film set the scene realistically.
By using an actual incident from the modern period, we avoided some horrible historical pastiche of “Who killed m’lord” variety…We appreciated your guidance and advice in realizing our ideas on film. Personally, I am still recovering from the trauma of capturing our family cat’s paw print in moulding material as one of the props …….. and extracting some hair samples. She’s never been quite the same with me since!

Bridget Clifford, Royal Armouries education department