Barrage Media make films to promote your message, showcase your work, highlight your achievements. These promotional videos deliver results: Barrage’s films have been successfully used to attract funding, set up new enterprises and secure bids.


Client testimonials:



Barrage helped our bid for a project to redevelop a mental healthcare facility in North East England. We were keen to emphasize the improved outcomes a better environment could give service users, staff and carers, and Barrage took that loose brief and turned it into a professional and very compelling video in a tight timescale. The video had a strong impact on the authority and their stakeholders, helping them visualize the benefits our scheme could offer, and was a major factor in helping us win.

Peter Ward, Head of Hospitals, John Laing


All audiences that have seen the DVD have been impressed by the content demonstrating the skill, the techniques and production quality which made the key messages totally accessible. In all, the combined professionalism, empathy, skills and knowledge of Barrage Media have ensured the best investment we as conference funders and organisers could have ever wished for.  Simply put Barrage Media deliver.

Anne Beales MBE, Together