The Barrage story

The germ of an idea which became Barrage Media started in 1997, when Hannah started working in the industry as an assistant editor in Soho. Back then, it was impossible for small businesses, charities and the third sector to break down the barriers that stopped them from getting their message out in film. The cost was just too high. Hannah formed the idea of helping people to break into the media.


Now, with the explosion of social media and cameras on every phone, film is everywhere. The new problem that this poses is how to break through the mass of material that is out there and stand out from the crowd.


Barrage is still helping people break through the barriers that block them from getting their message out. Our strategic thinking and directorial experience can act as a bridge to the gap between you and your audience. We can make the simplest of films look high-end, bring creative and practical media savvy to your brief, guide you through the production and edit process. And by doing all this we can help your message have the impact it deserves.